Fresh Livestock Hay

new horseVista Feed carries a fresh stock of bermuda, alfalfa, straw, and timothy. We only deal with trusted suppliers from northern Arizona and California. Our hay supply is always well stocked and our outside help is well trained in safely loading and securing large loads. We pride ourselves on delivering the best hay nutrition to our customers.

We also sell alfalfa Chaffhaye, which is a fermented alfalfa hay in fifty pound bags. The hay is coated with a small amount of molasses for palatability, and is full of live yeast cultures which aid in healthy digestion. Chaffhaye is high in moisture and protein levels are more easily digestible, similar to that of pasture hay. For those that travel with their horses to national parks, Chaffhaye is certified weed seed free and may be fed in the park.

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Vista Feed carries the best alfalfa in Tucson and Southern Arizona. We typically stock several truck loads so if it’s quantity you’re worried about we have you covered. Our premium alfalfa is usually a finer stem cut that has substantial levels of protein for the working horse.  Contact Us for more information!


Our grass hay is heavy and fresh. Nowhere else in Tucson or Southern Arizona can you find better Bermuda. Our grass hay is never moldy and always a medium to long stem hay. Keep your horses and cattle in great condition this year with our high quality Bermuda stock today. Contact Us for more information!


Timothy hay is a great source of fiber with optimum protein levels. Fed straight which is ideal, or split with other types of hay, timothy hay and its nutritional benefits is great for horses and other critters. Timothy hay is excellent for rabbits, guinea pigs, llamas, alpacas, etc, often making up the bulk of their diet. Contact Us today and find out more about our high quality Timothy grass hay!


Whether you’re using Straw hay as a roughage feed additive or simply bedding material for your animals, our Straw is fresh and clean. Many of our customers here at Vista Feed use Straw as a building material for walls, archery, seats for large outdoor party’s, and places to plop down on wagon rides. Come in today and check out our Straw selection!